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Learn how to GO GREEN for your next project!

This book is written to provide the reader with some valuable information about "Green Printing". As of today, there are no established standards for "Green Printing" and the term is interpreted differently by different printers and customers. This book will cover a broad range of issues and will help the reader to get a better understanding of what are the different options available for environmentally responsible printing.

Today, there are many magazines printed on every subject matter you can imagine. Every town, community or organization has its own newspaper.  Books are published every day and in every part of the world. The printed marketing materials have become as essential part of every business. We all receive many printed advertisement materials in our mail boxes daily, which we refer to them as junk mail. This mass production is becoming a concern for the environment. 

Where do the raw materials come from, and where does the waste go?  What type of hazardous material is used in the printing process, and what are the effect of all these on our environment? These are some questions that I hope you will find your answers in this book.

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